A Short Documentary Film by
Executive Produced by JEAN TSIEN

“Pandemic19 is incredibly elegant, emotionally precise…continually gripping…”

— Jeff Reichert,

Oscar-winner, American Factory 

“…a poignant document…this film feels alive and immediate…”

— Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival Jury

“Captures the blood, sweat and tears of medical workers up close and personal…”

— Singtao Daily

“…a very personal and touching documentary that gives us a taste of what is coming…”

— Robert K. Stephen, A Little Birdie Told Me

A co-production of Pandemic19 Productions Inc, CAAM, and Tencent Video. Major funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
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PANDEMIC19 is a poignant document of the factual and emotional details of Covid-19 as seen through the eyes of three American frontline doctors. Smartly utilizing the doctors own video testimonials, this film feels alive and immediate while we remain so disconnected.

2020, Color, 28:54 minutes, English


Join Directors Yung Chang and Annie Katsura Rollins for these Special Events

Past Events:

  • WATCH NOW Wed Jan 27, 2021 *FREE EVENT

    • 6PM PT/9PM ET

    • In Conversation with Subjects Dr. Brian Chang & Dr. Pooja Aysola

    • Introduced by Don Young (CAAM)

    • Moderated by S. Leo Chiang, Our Time Machine

  • WATCH NOW Commonwealth Club — Live Stream Q&A with filmmakers and Dr. Virginia Brady, Moderated by Michelle Meow and John Zipperer on Thu, Jan 4, 2021 12pm PT 

  • WATCH NOW: Wed Jan 20, 2021 (
One Year Anniversary of First US Covid-19 Cases)  *FREE EVENT*

    • 3PM PT/6PM ET 

    • In Conversation with Executive Producer Jean Tsien & Subject Dr. Virginia Brady, 

    • Moderated by: James Roosevelt III, Co-chair DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee 

    • Introduced by Jeff Reichert, Academy Award-Winner American Factory

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Watch a Special Q&A with Dr. Virginia Brady & James Roosevelt III, January 2021:

Video courtesy of David Magdael and Associates

Featuring Dr. Virginia Brady (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center), James Roosevelt III (grandson of FDR, author of the Affordable Care Act, DNC co-chair of the Rules & Bylaws Committee), Yung Chang and Annie Katsura Rollins, Introduced by Jeff Reichert (Oscar-Winner American Factory)

Watch a Special Q&A with Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, October 2020:

Video courtesy of Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 2020


Featuring Dr. Pooja Aysola, Dr. Virginia Brady, and Dr. Chang with Producer/Director/Writers Yung Chang and Annie Katsura Rollins

Moderated by Jessie Fairbanks

Production Stills:

A film by 

Yung Chang and 

Annie Katsura Rollins



Dr. Pooja Aysola

Dr. Virginia Brady

Dr. Brian Chang


Produced, Written and Directed by

Yung Chang and Annie Katsura Rollins

Executive Producer and Story Consultant

Jean Tsien


Executive Producer for CAAM

Stephen Gong


Executive Producer 

Yimin Zhuang 


For Tencent Video 


Executive Producer  Zhonghuai Sun

Head of Production Yankun Ma 

Operation Executive Juan Wang

 Producer Xiaoqing Chen

Programming Executive Jie Huang 

Co-Producer Lex Zhu

Associate Producer Daisy Chen


Edited by

Xi Feng


Cinematography by

Derek Howard


Original Music by

Olivier Alary


Titles and Graphics by

Victory Social Club


For Tencent Video


Operation Manager Mo Zhou 

Operation Editor Lingjun Zuo

Website Operation Lan Ma 

Marketing Director Jing Zhao

Marketing Manager Jie Ma 

Marketing Officer  Bo He

Post Production Supervisor and Colorist

Mathieu Marano


Post Production Coordinator

Aurelie Crapez


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Online and Conform

Julien Noyon


Supervising Sound Editor and Re-Recording Mixer 

Cory Rizos


Sound Designer

Luc Raymond 


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Lussier & Khouzam


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Special Thanks


Dr. Jingjing Chen

Dr. Jordana Kritzer

Dr. Adam Marks

Dr. Alexandra Marquez

Dr. Himanshu Rawal

Dr. Christian Rose

Dr. Alison Rudy


The Filmmakers Wish to Thank

M. Melody Brady

Chang Family

S. Leo Chiang

Inga Diev

Flying Sparrow Films Co.Ltd

Czarina Garcia

Maureen Grant

Tim Horsburgh

Tiffany Hsiung

Dr. Elliot Jacobson

Kelly Liu

David Y. Kim

Su Kim

Melanie LaFavre

Andres Landau

Bob Moore


Alan Poon

Diane Quon

Rollins Family

Karina Rotenstein

Poh Si Teng

Michael MK Siu

Marc de Vries

Joshua Weinstein

Aonan Yang

Donald Young

Camera equipment provided by 

Production Junction, NY, NY


This program is a co-production of Pandemic19 Productions Inc, CAAM, and Tencent Video. Major funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


© Pandemic19 Productions Inc. 2020

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Watch a Special Q&A with MSNBC Anchor, Richard Lui, January 31, 2021
Watch a Special Q&A with Dr. Virginia Brady & James Roosevelt III, January 2021: